The Most Popular Pants in American Teen Fashion

Aug/24/2020 20:44:10

Pants have always been a cult classic in fashion. Comfortable, warm, and better during fall and winter, pants truly do have their practical benefits. Even more important, pants are fashionable and considered more classy than shorts. In American teen fashion, pants have been and still are a remarkable staple in outfits, whether it be ripped skinny jeans, cargo pants, or mom jeans.

Ripped Skinny Jeans

The skinny jeans emerged in the 90’s to 2000’s era after more fitted looks became much more popular in fashion. Ripped skinny jeans, however, have only become the biggest pants in the United States in the last decade. Teenagers, especially, love their ripped jeans. The skinny jean still shows off the figure of the wearer but the rips give the jeans such a more trendy look. These jeans come in every color of the rainbow but are most popular in the classic blue jean color or black. Ripped jeans are versatile and can be worn with almost every top. Skinny jeans are considered more for females and regular straight fit more for guys, but it’s 2020 and clothing is pretty much interchangeable between both genders. If you want a great pair of these jeans, check out American Eagle, Goodwill, Walmart, Amazon, and any other clothing outlet for great deals.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have only really gained popularity in the past few years as the ‘g-girl/boy’ trend on the famous social media app TikTok blew up. Cargo pants are baggy and a favorite of teen idol Billie Eilish, a singer/songwriter that has blown up in recent years. Cargo pants can come in any color but are most popular in khaki, white, black, and camouflage. These pants are commonly worn with a tight crop top and hightop shoes but can be styled in so many ways. Cargo pants have almost always been regarded as men’s clothing but now are very popular in female fashion with a show-stopping belt. Want a pair? Check out sites like Romwe, Wish, Amazon, or outlets like Rue21 and American Eagle.

Mom Jeans

Ah, yes, the mom jean. These jeans were the norm in the 80’s and have come back in 2020 as a blast from the past! These jeans are more high-waisted and aren’t as form fitting as the skinny jean, but still very flattering. Try wearing these jeans with a retro t-shirt or a tight top for a casual streetwear look. Mom jeans almost always come in the classic blue color, but that’s why everyone loves them! These jeans are unisex and work with so many tops. If you want a truly retro look, check out Goodwill for original jeans from the 80’s!


Pants are pants. They come in such a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, and everyone loves them! Perfect for both casual and formal events, pants have truly been a fashion staple.


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