Few tips on how to make your sweats look more expensive

Sep/02/2020 21:41:48

With so much change in the social lives and daily functioning, many aspects of one's individual life have changed significantly. From working at home, to not even dressing up for the online meetings, the entire world has faced some new normal, totally unpredicted and uncalled for.

The working people have seen the dressing for online meetings and calls, includes nothing more than a sweatshirt. And that is something cool. Do you even dress differently when you are at home, right? Well, the stylists have found a silver lining in all of these situations, putting the sweatshirts in the focus of the most common and desired fashion piece in the first half of this year.
Cozy, comfortable, and soft, the sweatshirt is a clothing piece that carries a sports style. But, each piece can be elevated in its look if it is properly styled. Here are some fashion tips on how to make your sweats look more stylish and expensive.

Coordinating set

For a long time, the fashion trends have set the bar in styling that the top and the bottom do not have to be the same. This means that the look the sweats provided in the past (same top and bottom), was changed very soon with a contrasting piece. However, going back to the basics of the sweats, the more elegant and expensive look can be achieved if the sweats or the loungewear are coordinating. This means the top and the bottom should be the same, matching, in the same color, and with the same details.

Layer luxurious jewelry

This is one of the tips that came directly from the social media accounts of the fashionistas and it girls. Wearing jewelry at home is not the comfiest idea, but, since the situation dictates staying at home, looking good on the screen while wearing a sweatshirt can be done by layering some cute and trendy jewelry. Necklaces and earring are what comes in focus and will paint an interesting picture of you.

Pair them with heels

Although this might sound like a fashion murder, wearing heels with sweats is not something new. Just take a look at how the celebrities are sporting this trend and you will feel more than inspired to try it out. To nail the ultimate trend, go with the square-toe option.

Hoodie sweatshirt + midi skirt

No matter if it is just for an errand to the store or a casual stroll down the street, the combination of a hoodie and the mini skirt is very stylish and modern. Try wearing an oversized sweatshirt, and pair it with some of your favorite midi skirts. Add sneakers are you are already a fashionista.

Tucked-in top

This styling tip goes very well with the coordinated set. A simple and a dressy way to elevate the look is to tuck the sweatshirt in the waistband of the sweatpants, and in this way, create a waistline. As for footwear, everything is allowed.

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