How to rock your street style outfit?

Sep/02/2020 21:49:50

Runways are the places where most fashion trends are born. After that, they should be made closer to the public and the fashion lovers, and that is something that the street style does. Fashionistas, celebrities, and it-girls are those who are taking the runways trends and making them fashion. With the rise of social media, the fashionistas have instantly become influencers too, recognized and hired by different fashion brands that promote their fashion lines.

The street style exists and displays the looks, the tips, and the tricks that create one outfit complete while following the latest fashion trends. And not many can nail the perfect street style. Although it looks totally easy and no-effort look, it is in fact, much thought and well-combined look.
Here are some tips on how to rock the perfect street style outfit:

Underwear as outerwear

This is a trend that has been popular since the S/S 2020 and is continuously rising. Wearing underwear as outerwear was seen first among the celebrities, who made it look so easy and chic. The fashion stylists suggest pairing a bralette with a blazer as the most popular and cool look. This is a great choice that is seen everywhere and a nice way of elevating the semi-formal look with a dose of sexiness.

Sharp shoulders

Broad, sharp, and padded blazers are something that gives excellent style and look of the outfit and the silhouette too. These types of blazers usually come paired with jeans, trousers, cycling shorts, and bermudas. One important tip to accent the shoulders, even more, is to add a belt to the waist that will make the shoulders stand out.

Bright colors

Bright colors can seem like too much for women who prefer neutral tones. But, one way of nailing the perfect street style is wearing bright and bold colors. Neons and all of the strong colors from the palette create excellent looks and the street style stands for promoting color too. Standing out in color, as well as mixing more of these right colors in one outfit is something that will bring attention to you. Also, adding prints and patterns goes well with the bright colors.

‘70s collar

If one thing is for sure, it is that the fashion from the past is making a comeback. The previous and this season have seen many trends and garments making a return on the fashion scene, and they were quite welcome. When it comes to the street style, as it is a channel of distributing the fashion trends to the wider fashion audience, the return of the ‘70s collar is something that makes one fashion outfit stand out. This type of collar can be found on a shirt with a more modern touch, like the oversized ones and it comes well styled with a leather. It also dominated when it is paired with a jacket just thrown over the shoulders.

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