Brunette for fall - 6 top hair color choices

Sep/08/2020 21:35:46

Blondes may have more fun, but the brunettes are those who get the best hair looks. When it comes to choosing whether to go blond or dark, brown, for instance, is not the boldest and expected choice. Many feel that this might be the dullest hair color, but the fall trends speak of something else. A major hair transformation would not come from a plain brown color, but its elegance is something that is undeniable and cannot go unnoticed.

Since the fall season is the time to tone down the colors, restore and rejuvenate the looks, the latest hair color trends put the brown as a top choice. And there are even 6 different options for every taste. Take a look!

Chocolate brown

Full of color and shine, the chocolate brown is an alive color that looks good on every skin tan. The reddish undertones make the hair look seductive, and the brown chocolate color is something undeniable natural and casual. This warm shade is a safe choice that can instantly become a signature look for many. No matter if you need a color change or just a shine, chocolate brown is the go-to shade.


Popular and trendy, bronde is a shade that comes between brown and blonde. It is a great refresher for the brunettes who want lighter shades, and for the blondes who are looking for a darker touch. The technique of coloring and the final process are something that will leave everyone in awe and an excellent choice for the fall season.


One of the darkest, richest, and deepest shades of the brown palette resembles the look of the delicious espresso. Just a pinch lighter than black, this is a strong and bold choice that is all-time elegant and dominant. Depending on the hair pigment, it can come with some warmer undertones that under different sunlight angles can make the espresso look shinier and golden.

Milk Tea

For those who have not heard the term before, it is very popular among celebrities. This is a lighter version of the bronde, with a specific accent on adding a dose of ash tones to neutralize and calm the reddish or orange undertones that always appear on brown hair. The ashy and milky undertones are what make the hair color so unique and desired.


Chestnut is a common color of choice and preference for the brunettes that want to be redheads. Not strong redheads, but just those with a small reddish tone that makes a difference. It looks great on women with fair skin tone and it’s a warm shade for fall that is undeniably sexy and intriguing.


From the moment the ombre technique appeared in the hair salons, its popularity grew even more and more. This fall, the combination of ombre and balayage is the trendiest and most stylish choice for all those who want brown roots and base.

Find your fall pick and enjoy brown hair!

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