How to style a slip skirt?

Sep/08/2020 21:40:15

The proper and suitable fashion garments create a good look and outfit. But, one thing that is very important, and that many women miss on is the styling. Styling is not just a new term and trend that is being mentioned through social media, it is the way that makes one or several pieces well-combined together which results in a perfect fashion outfit. The new fashion trends pay great attention in introducing styling tips and styling itself of a certain garment as a trend. That is pretty cool because as mentioned above, to make it fashion you have got to have style.

The slip skirt is one of the fashion garments that depends on styling. Yes, the cut, the shape the fabric, and the tailoring play a great role in how the skirt will look, but the styling itself is what will make you and the entire outfit stand-out.

For those who need some styling inspiration regarding the slip skirt, here are some suggestions that will make you nail the look of this garment.

Oversized shirt + patterned slip skirt

This is a duo that screams stylishness and trendiness above everything. Oversized shirts are very popular and trendy, and one way to style them so to look that you are excellent in your street style is to match them with a patterned slip skirt. Just tuck the front of the shirt in, and let the back of the shirt out. A very modern look can be achieved if you pair two different prints or patterns.

Sports shirt + silk slip skirt

Introducing silk in the sporty combinations is something that works for the slip skirt too. The silk slip skirt looks very polished and elegant, and the addition of a sporty shirt, one with long-sleeved for example, creates a balance and contrast that results in an excellent look. The styling tip here allows wearing in over the slip skirt or entirely tucked in/ as for the footwear, everything is allowed.

White tank top + statement skirt

This is the combination that is very easy to pull off. A white tank top is a piece that every girl or woman has in her closet. It styles extremely well with almost all bottom pieces. Since it is plain and simple, the slip skirt, in this case, can be a statement one – from a different fabric, color, print, or pattern - something that will leave a fashion mark.

Puff-sleeved crop top + slip skirt

For those who are following the social media fashionistas and trendsetters, the cropped top with puffy sleeves is a great way to make your fashion statement. The slip skirt can be of any fabric and color, and the cropped top with puffy sleeves will add the necessary dose of playfulness – just right for this type of outfit. This is a super cool summer look and the slip skirt here will come in its full shine and light.

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