These summer trends will still be worth the wear in the following seasons

Sep/17/2020 20:45:45

There is no need to get stressed about the summer ending and the beginning of the fall season. The fall still has the strength to deliver lots of hot sunny days that are great for all the fashion lovers out there who did not get the change to flaunt and try all of the summer’s biggest fashion trends.
Although this summer was under the shadow of the pandemic, there were options and possibilities to try out some fashion, even it was only a run to the supermarket or the drugstore. With the loosening of the measures, the fashion and the street style slowly came back to its feet, so if you are one of those who did not get the chance to rock the trends, here is what was a-must this summer:


The mixing and the blending of colors, that come with no particular order nor they create any shape is just a small description of this big 2020 trend. Like colors mixed with water, just poured down a fabric, the tie-dye trend was seen on anything from sportswear to more elegant garments. It is suitable as both casual and formal choice and it brings a well-toned and well-balanced addition of color.

Short suits

By short suits, here we mean pantsuit with bermudas or shorts instead of long-sleeved pants. Long and medium-long blazers, with shorts and heels, is a look that speaks of great fashion style and extraordinary elegance. And since the summer is the time when you can experiment with colors, there is still time to pink some neons and pastels for your next outing.

Flip flops

Fall can be quite unpredictable in terms of temperatures but is much better to go with the summer flow than to wear boots in early fall. And the flip flops here are what is considered as the most appropriate choice. They are much more than only a beachwear, they are the chis and comfortable footwear that you can wear all day long.

Tinted sunglasses

The new it-sunglasses are the tinted ones. Making a return from the past, when JLo and Britney wore these pink shades that everyone wanted, this summer was a great time to add some color to the world you see around it. The modern-day frames came with the addition of a pop of color and there is a lot of time to still wear them.

New animal prints

Of course, there are no new animals in the world literally, but there is a new take on the animal prints in the fashion trends. This summer, the accent was put on the colors and the unusual and unexpected color combinations. Zebra's, snake’s, leopard’s, and many other prints were seen in some strong and vibrant shades, resembling the look of some new pattern rather than a well-known and familiar animal print. And their styling was well-aligned with the other strong and dominant colors.

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