Five summer garments that you can still wear at fall

Sep/17/2020 20:52:23

The change of seasons means a change of clothes. It is just a matter of time when, overnight, the temperatures will drastically change and you will need something warmer in the mornings and the evenings, while the days will be super-hot. This particular change suggests the beginning of the "pre-fall" season when you do not know how to get dresses and what to wear. It will most definitely be too warm for coats and heavy jackets, but not too warm for open-toe shoes.

So, to make it work, while sporting great style, of course, there are some summer garments, when paired and styled properly, will be very useful as part of the fall wardrobe. Here is the list of the garments that will enter the fall fashion wardrobe with a new styling vibe:

Scarf as a top

One of the most popular trends this summer over Instagram was wearing the scarf as a top. This fall season, that is possible again, of course in a modified version. For a chic and cool look, try wearing the scarf as a top, but over some interesting shirt. It can be an oversized one or just a regular one, but the final look will be very stylish.

Summer dresses

Fashion today allows a lot of experimenting. When it comes to summer dresses, the fashion even includes them in the winter wardrobe, with heavy tights and boots. For the early fall days, you can still keep the original look of the summer dress, but add the dose of the fall by styling it with some socks and currently trendy footwear.

Swimsuit tops

The popularity of the swimsuits has now transferred as them being a part of the everyday wardrobe. And believe it or not, you can make it work for fall too. You will just need some cute and chic one-piece swimsuit that will serve as a top. Since the fall can be chillier, and to nail the perfect style too, throw a jacket or some stylish sweater over the shoulders.

Crop tops

The crop tops come in many versions and some even come in knitted fabrics, making them extra suitable for the fall season. Short or long sleeves are not an issue, because the crop top somehow lives through all the season. For the colder days, some jackets and sweaters will keep the necessary warmth. And the styling is best done with some high-rise bottoms.

Sandal heels

Keeping your feet warm while wearing your favorite heeled sandals is only possible if you are wearing some kind of socks. These can be some cute and stylish sock, not a sporty one that will bring the accent onto your feet and footwear. This way you will make your favorite sandals wearable a bit longer, while your fashion game will be on point.

With these 5 summer garments, you will make the summer last longer.

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