5 black hair ideas to try out at your next salon visit

Sep/23/2020 22:29:08

If there is one thing that 2020 has brought and is a good thing is a time that we have spent at home. While being at home, many of the women have just taken a break from beauty and makeup. In terms of beauty, while keeping the daily skincare routine is much better done at home, the hair also regenerates and takes a break from all the treatments.

However, as we are always striving for better looks and trying new trends, changing the hair color is among the fastest and most common things that women decide to do. Going blonde is not an easy thing, although many go for this change. However, the dark-haired women have the option to make their hair color look livelier and interesting, and here are options that will help you out in your next visit to the hair salon:

Brunette Balayage

Building a balayage on the black hair is very cool, fresh, and new to the dark-haired women. The balayage with the lighter shades gives a nice contrast to the hair, and for the black hair, the soft golden brown accents are the best way to make the hair look natural. A few of these highlights will add dimension to the hair and make it look more appealing and beautiful.

Black and blonde

A bit extravagant and daring look can be achieved with the combination of black and blonde. These two shades create the strongest contrast on the hair and a good look is only possible when the combination and coordination are well-done. The white highlights can be done only at the beginning, one on each side or they can be spread through the hair.

Rooted blonde

This is one of the most common and desired looks for black haired women who are looking to make a change in their look. The rooted blonde can be achieved when the dark hair is left as a base, and the rest of the hair is colored blonde. The grown-out part can be upon personal preference. Whichever the choice, the look is fabulous.

Auburn Ombre

The black hair is a distinctive color that has reddish undertones. That is why when going blonde on black hair can result in the appearance of red and orange undertones. That is why changing the black color to auburn hair is an excellent choice. For the most modern look, keep the base darker and the rest of the hair in the lighter auburn shade.

High contrast

The black base is an excellent canvas for any color from the rainbow and that will look cool and interesting. The higher the contrast is, the look of the hair will be more unique and shocking, but eye-catching and dominant. Another pretty interesting approach is adding metallic shine to the black hair, which results in a silver glam glow.

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